Using custom programmed aerial image technology and the most advance post production photographic stitching techniques, Digital Drone Images can produce stunning aerial panoramic photos from above to capture wrap around views of almost anything imaginable.
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Practical applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Real Estate;
  • Tourism;
  • Construction;
  • Developing;
  • Town Planning;
  • Photography;
  • Art;
  • and more.

A fabulous example is the 'My Town' tours which incorporate aerial panoramas linked together with embedded location videos, directional compasses, city plans with hot spots, clickable thumbnails and more. These My Town aerial tours are great to view on your computer but absolutely amazing to experience on your iPhone or iPad as when you move your tablet device the panorama moves with you. Check out a couple here: My Town: Sevierville TN and My Town: Port Macquarie NSW Australia
Thumbnail-MyTown-SeviervilleTN MyTown-700web

Here is a great example on how to use a panorama with an embedded property video to sell a real estate property:

And then taking it one step further by drawing the panorama video from above into an interactive virtual reality tour of a premises, like the example below:

Here are some other examples:

Over Gordon St beach end of Port Macquarie NSW Australia

Over Emerald Downs Golf Course, Port Macquarie NSW Australia

Over Lake Cathie, NSW Australia

Over North Haven, NSW Australia

Over new project development, initial stage, Tacking Point/Lighthouse, NSW Australia